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Oil 10W40 4-Stroke Motul Synthetic 300V FL Road Racing

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Motul 300V 4T Factory Line Road Racing

MOTUL 300V Factory Line Road Racing 10W40 is a high-performance, low-viscosity engine oil based on E technology specially developed for racing motorcycles with 4-stroke engines, which are designed for operation with viscosity 10W40, for use in the field of MotoGP, Supersport, Superbike, high-speed and mountain racing, etc.. Ideally suited for demanding motorcycle and quad engines in racing and street use.

STANDARDS: Exceeds the requirements of JASO & API
JASO T903 Annex A (JASO MA friction value requirements).

Change interval according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer / tuner or adjusted depending on operating conditions. Before use, always observe the service documents and recommendations of the manufacturer/tuner! Mixing with other synthetic or mineral lubricants is possible, but not recommended for optimum performance.

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